Founded with the goal of transforming how businesses worldwide interact with environmental phenomena, AerisWeather enables customers to harness the dynamic power of weather data and imagery in their products, services, and business intelligence tools. Leading with a developer-first mentality - “by developers, for developers”, AerisWeather’s API and Mapping Platform (AMP) are easily integrated into customers’ applications with the help of an extensive documentation library, SDKSs, and step-by-step wizards. Coupling these technical resources with hands-on engineering and business support, AerisWeather has become the preferred data source and trusted partner to companies around the world..


Recognizing the need for a better platform to store and share personal weather station (PWS) data, AerisWeather’s team of weather-obsessed developers and hardware nerds set out to create PWSweather. By enabling PWS owners to monitor, manage, and archive their weather station data, PWSweather empowers users to gain insights into their own data and incorporate their station(s) into the greater AerisWeather network.

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