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Silver Springs N. Of Katka Peak, Moyie Springs, ID 83845

Silver Springs N. Of Katka PeakMoyie Springs, ID 83845

Lat: 48.6942181533144, Lon: -116.11900806427

Elevation: 2280

Station Type: WH1080

Latest ConditionsUpdated 9:05:11 AM PDT Tuesday, Aug 5, 2014
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Temperature 68.7°F20.4°C 0.0°F-17.8°C 0.0°F-17.8°C 0.0°F-17.8°C
Dew Point 55.2°F12.9°C 0.0°F-17.8°C 0.0°F-17.8°C 0.0°F-17.8°C
Winds Calm Calm Calm Calm - Calm Calm
Wind Gusts 2.2 mph3.5 kmh -- - -
Humidity 62% 0% 0% 0%
Pressure 30.15 in1021.0 mb 0.00 in0.0 mb 0.00 in0.0 mb -
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